Week 2 – Day 1 – it gets harder..

7 March 2011

So here it is – Week 2, Day 1.
5min walk – 2 minute run – 5 min walk – 2 min run – 5 min walk – 2 min run – 5 min walk.

Jogging Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 Day 1

Cheryl and Carmen had left for work and nursery at 7am, so I was up an’ at ’em nice and early, got my running kit on…
I chose a different direction this morning – turned right instead of left and decided to go along the riverside.. thinking I would have completed 2 of the running sections before the park..

So off I trot (walk) passing all the peeps heading to work on a Monday morning, down the monstrosity of a hill to the river (this is the reason I chose to go this direction – if I went left and went this route – I’d have an absolute killer of a hill to get up near the end… not good)! Good Plan. So over the bridge other side of the river, nice wee jog to begin with, 2 minutes… looked down at my timer thinking that must be 2 minutes… no Craig – you’ve only been running 1m 10 seconds… blimey.. I feel puffed out already,… didn’t stop though – kept going looking at the timer all the time! (which probably made it worse)!
Then phew – relax.. walk for 5…

I was reading yesterday about breathing when running.. and it states to breathe from your belly more.. so I was conscious of doing that more… and I have to say – yup – it helped!

so 5 minutes of walking took me into the park, so completed a kind of figure of 8 to try and dodge all the dog walkers, indeed on the second run I actually cut across the grass to avoid two dogs / walkers who stopped for a chat… argghh.. people! haha…

I felt more tired during this one, probably because this was the first time I had done 2 days in a row, and was feeling the effects.. hmm I wonder!

Anways – 3rd stage, no probs, although when the two minutes were up there was another two dog walkers, so instead of stopping near them, I jogged on past them for a wee while.. 10seconds.. longer – that’s all I could muster…
Then the walk home..
All in all 1.67mile.. nobody on Facebook to annoy me, no messages to get back to bed – although the thought of running solidly for over 1 hour did pass through my mind and I thought wtf.. however – I just want to be able to run it and run it again.. I think 10k is gonna be the limit… and we’ll see how it goes thereafter…

on to day 2 week 2.

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