Been a crappy weather week

13 March 2011

Damned Weather

It turns out that Week 2 has been a washout/whiteout/windstopping waste of time..
The weather has been appalling all week, however – Sunday is here and I’m just about to go out… +1
Yup +1,
Now I’m not saying women are slow at getting ready – but you get the drift…
So I thought I would start my blog BEFORE going on the jog..
Just going to do a week 1 routine today to get Cheryl into the swing of things as she’s only really able to do it at the weekends when she hasn’t got work, and Carmen is away at the outlaws..
So that’s a walk for 6 minutes, run for 1min. repeated 3 times..

I’m just charging my phone up now, so it should be charged when Cheryl’s ready – it was at zero charge when I plugged it in, it’s at 90 now… hehehe…
Anyways – that sounds like trainers going on.. so I’m offski – part II coming soon!
Cancel that – she’s away back upstairs… I hear a scramble in the cupboard.. and that’s her – on her way back down..
Don’t you just hate it when women do that – come in a room and they are all ready, jacket on, trainers on with a smug grin on their face..
Dammit – Jacket on and Trainers on and that’s me ready..

Back and Forward

Cheryl: “Which Way?”
Me: “Right”

A nice stroll to the river, warm up – keep your arms swinging – not in your pockets…
Music on.. ignore everything else..

Sunday morning – blinking eck – the path along the riverside was mobbed!! Dog Walkers Anonymous! (DWA.)
over the bridge and we do our first run, just the minute this time nice and easy – 1 minute up and Cheryl looked surprised when I said that was the minute up!
We were going to walk into the park from the river, however it was heaving with DWA’s so we decided to go back along where we came to the bridge and then back again and then through the park..
It was at this point that we passed several DWA’s and even a cyclist with his dog alongside… he did do a cheeky wink.. was it to Cheryl or myself – I couldn’t tell.. just let it lie… hahahaha..
On the third run we ran for over a minute to pass a DWA, phew… Shins are beginning to get sore..!

A nice walk back through the park and we decided to run again for a 4th time… race ya..!

A fun Sunday morning out – beats staying in bed that’s for sure…
I’ll be out again tomorrow, providing the weather stays ok, I’m definitely a fair weather runner/jogger….

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  1. Fi says:

    hahaha….. pmsl at that blog…. especially the ‘waiting for Cheryl’ bit! Well done the two of you…. just to ask though, was all that was spoken? *grin*. :o)

  2. Craig says:

    haha – nope, it was a good and enjoyable jog!

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