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31 May 2009

So… Twitter has some Games, this is the first one I’ve joined, It’s called Spymaster an off-shoot website by the tweeple that bring you iList, inc.

Spymaster on Twitter

Spymaster on Twitter

The First thing you need to do when you get signed up is choose an organisation for your Spymaster Game, is it going to be: CIA? MI6? or the FSB? Let’s look at them in more detail:

  • CIA:  The Americans use their money and prestige to win over defectors, so therefore you obtain 10% more money than other starting groups.
  • MI6: The British rest between the superpowers, giving them unmatched speed, so therefore you obtain 10% more energy than the others
  • FSB: Russian Cold War projects and extreme physical training make the FSB strong, so therefore you get 10% more health.

Right, so that sounds reasonable…  (I choose MI6) next up is choosing your notifications… if you choose ALL the notifications:

Spymaster Notifications

Spymaster Notifications

  • Assassinating a user
  • Wiring money to another spymaster (reply)
  • Securing a new Safe House
  • Spymaster level increase
  • Performing a task
  • Failing to assassinate a user
  • Depositing money in my Swiss Bank account
  • Buying new items from the Black Market

if you choose them all, then you get 8% of your Total Money increased.

Then it’s Continue and Game starts….
During this process for me – someone tried to assassinate me, but failed! #spymaster – denied !! haha! (@sjalan on twitter)

Well – where to now I think….. hmm, it turns out that all of your followers are now Spies.
and it would seem that 10 of them are already playing Spymaster Game on Twitter, superb… these 10 people are called Spymasters, and my current aim is to gain more of these.
I seem to be starting on £2156.82 – Hey, at least it’s in ££’s…! (good start in my opinion)!

Anyways, my tasks : While they’ve started you with enough money to buy a knife or a vest from the Black Market, you’ll need to perform tasks to make money and progress through the levels. With the money, you can buy items on the black market for tasks or for assassination plots.. woohooo… AND: Once you have weapons, you can plot assassinations against other real spymasters in your own spy ring or in others. Attacking them will set them back and you may even have the chance to steal their assets

It of course dangles a wee carrot, – you can be “perhaps” the greatest spymaster of them all…. I wonder…

So – I need to invite people… – Join me now if you want:
Then you need to buy stuff, of course… I bought Makarov PM, 9x18mm (as you do…) then I done my first 2 tasks..
Coerce a Mafia Boss and collected a Dead Drop… then eek……

My status gets updated on twitter… now to find out how to lose that…
Dashboard | Tasks | Assassinations | Convert Spies | Black Market | Safe Houses | Swiss Bank
Hmm, nothing strikes me as – remove status updates… aarghh.. what have I done… I’m starting to worry – as I don’t want my twitter stream to be an endless cascade of #spymaster this and #spymaster that…. however, I’ve found it – it’s down the bottom of the screen! phew – panic over…

Now… the Assassination of someone on twitter – result – congratulations, however – you only wounded them
When you click Start Assassination, you are presented with a rather funky flash type screen when you are attempting your plot, then it automatically refreshes you to your result..
In my case here it was good: – You were also able to take some of your opponent’s assets; see the overall gains and itemized gains in the rightmost column.

What next, well, it’s really just there to have a wee bit of fun…
Keep doing your tasks and your energy levels go down….
I currently only have 15 for my energy level..

And now I’ve just realised that your energy level is increased every 5 minutes…!
It looks like it’s 25 energy each 5 minutes… upto a total of 120…

To get to the next level you must gain:

  • Current Experience: 74
  • 46 to Next Level

So what next….

Safehouses in Spymaster

Safehouses in Spymaster

Safe Houses… superb, you can buy Safe Houses in Spymaster as well…
Ultimately they bring in funds on a regular interval, of course – associated with that is RISKS, as you can see – the lower you pay, the higher the risk of losing the income stream, the more you pay, the higher the income and the lower the risk…

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Wow – then there’s banks too, and not just any banks, SWISS Banks! – you can store your hard earned cash in these institutions, just like you would any bank, AND withdraw at any time too – which is a really cool feature.  Another feature is that you can transfer funds to someone else, and they can do the same to you – nifty…

2 Hours of playing, and I’m on level 2 now, (that was around the point when I started to realise how to play it)!

Hopefully with the help of this guide you can start playing it.
If you want to add any comments – with tips, hints, etc etc then please do so – just leave a comment, remember to put in the comment your @ twitter name so I can add you to my follows… and ring of Spies!!!

Comment below remember!

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