Saturday news May 30th

30 May 2009

Second days posts, wow, I didn’t think there was so many dodgy headlines.

The first one I noticed this morning (it was 7am) was about how the Safe Sex campaign was a waste of money, apparently “Want respect? Use a condom” campaign included a specially-made drama series, called “Thmbnls” which cost £250,000. – eek – that was well promoted – did YOU hear about it? nope? me neither. complete waste.
however – there was a joke regarding the Swine Flu earlier this month… 90 people get swine flu and everyone wears a mask; MILLIONS have AIDS & people still don’t use condoms. – this to me had more impact!!!

Cobra Beer

Cobra Indian Recipe Beer

Cobra Indian Recipe Beer

They have went up the swanny, (but knowing they were going up the swanny).  They have been bought by Coors.  Reports suggest that Cobra Beer racked up £16million worth of debt in 2008.  how do you do that? give money away? I mean seriously…

Cobra, which markets itself as a “less gassy” lager, is popular in Indian restaurants. It is sold in 6,000 restaurants in the UK.

It has spent £40m on marketing since it was founded in 1989 as it has tried to break into the pub trade.

They shouldn’t have tried to break in, as they are now in administration, well done!

Why do people want to fix things all the time when what they are doing is working perfectly well.

The old addage – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

This next one bugs me – No knighthood for Alan Bennett – “It wouldn’t suit me.” – FFS – get a grip, you’ve been honoured.

Glitch sees £10,000 trillion ferry fare – Yes you read right – £10,000TRILLION!!! –
£10,000trillion, wow, – by the way – it’s normally only £150 to Belfast!! – but people putting in for quotes on prices were quoted this ridiculous price online – The firm said that the problem had been on the site for about a week and that customers receiving inflated ticket prices were being redirected to call centres where they would get their discount. – Would it not have been easier to change the price online??? – no – we’ll wait a week and get some press coverage… free advertising… you gotta love it.

Beavers return to Scottish forest after a 400-year gap – my my – that’s one hell of a hibernation…

Wedding rescue for surfing couple – Unreal – your Reception guests??? Let’s go surfing whilst the rest of the guests enjoy the party!!! – We’ll just get caught out at sea….

Dying man wins bet he would live – Congratulations – I hope you win the other £10k next year… hats off to you.

Korean dish ‘may cure bird flu’ – Is that WITH or WITHOUT the North Korean Nuclear Testing?

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