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1 June 2009

Craig | Dearden News Snippets

Craig | Dearden News Snippets

Well, I can’t believe it’s the 1st of June.
I’m off work, my wee one has been kept off nursery today, so thought I would catch up with my check of the news over the weekend and today.

The first one in my book is some woman called Susan Boyle, now I’ve managed to stay away from the TV, so understand that she was due to win Britains Got Talent, however she was pipped to the post by a group of 2 sets of brothers.  Aw, shame….

Now, I kinda did feel sorry for her, but the media have built her up to fall as they normally do with all the celebs,.,  So in-keeping with their usual – they had a complete turnaround in the last few weeks – from a national hero to a disturbed individual..

So – I check the news this morning, as I normally do, and guess what… the poor woman has been admitted to the Priory Clinic – apparently sectioned under the mental health act…. omg, media u-turn wins yet again..
Talent star Boyle taken to clinic

Of course, the big news of the day is really the (currently) missing French plane over the Atlantic – French plane lost over Atlantic – it apparently lost communication during an electrical storm…! eek…!  Apologies and possible sympathies to anyone with family onboard

Stage legend La Rue dies at 81 – Drag act now a deceased drag act.

Rapper Eminem was not in the mood for butt cheeks in his face Sunday night – and it was evident when funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen landed on Eminem’s neck half naked after a stunt went awry at the MTV Movie Awards last night.. personally I think it was staged… however – looking at it – it was staged, but I don’t think Eminem knew about it – Sacha certainly did…. but Eminem didn’t – and duly stormed off!! – t. w. a. t. – Have a look at Sacha on Eminem Here

Another snippet of News today, has to be the worst kept secret in football, and especially after Ancelotti resigned from AC Milan yesterday….. of course – today – Ancelotti appointed Chelsea boss

Surely this is a Joke – Rangers fans aren’t pigs? nor would they touch pigs? – Rangers fans in swine flu alert

sticking in Scotland and the Old Firm – Celtic have made an official approach for Swansea City boss Roberto Martinez. No way – this is appalling… shocking… at least appoint a top manager…. from Premiership… not a Swansea City boss

Well, I think that’s it for today, if I find something stupid or the like, then I’ll add it below!

Have a good day!

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