Running for beginners Day 2

4 March 2011

Day 2, 4th March, Friday.
Well after a couple of days rest it was that time again. I was actually lying in bed at 7.15am thinking, do I just go fuck it and not bother? However, I decided to bother and get my arse out of bed.
And, dammit – it’s raining – WTF is all that about… (same thought went through my head – “fuck it and not bother” ) I decided again to just go ahead and do it..

Map of the run - walk - jog - walk

Zig Zag run

So – iPhone FULLY charged this time, music playing, and the running app on, I left the house and headed to the Park, which at this time of the morning is just full of people walking their dogs.. so 5 minute walk to the park in the rain – well – it’s that scotch mist type rain – you know, the type that gets you soaking…. I still managed to keep checking the phone for the time, I so need to get myself one of those lap timing running watches… anyone want to sponsor me one of those? no? ok then..! 🙁

My first spurt of jogging took me past a dog walker, and past the Childrens park, down to the river bank, I don’t know why but breathing in that cold fresh air is just brilliant.. MUCH better than a gym, or at home on the running machine (which I sold as it was just becoming an expensive clothes line)…
The map on the right shows the route I took from my hoose to the park, around the park, through the park and round again – then back home… all in 22minutes, 1.6mile.. albeit I didn’t run much, it is still better than sitting on backside doing nowt!

So why am I doing this you may ask – well – I ultimately would like to be “able” to run a marathon, so I’ll maybe aim for one of those… we’ll see – time will tell…
For now – my next run is Sunday…

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  1. Fi says:

    Well done you…. that ‘will I get up and do it’ is the hardest part, for sure! The ‘doing it’ first thing in the morning is definitely the best way! Rain in your face, refreshing, huh?!

    Go you. 🙂

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