Its time..

28 February 2011

Well it’s finally time, I’ve had to bite the bullet and start to lose weight and get fit.. stop wheezing about and get out!
I’ve been talking about starting running and eventually wishing to do a marathon of some sort….
So – over the last week I’ve been walking and walking.. Thursday / Friday / Saturday I walked at least 4 miles each day, Carmen even managed one of them (on her bike). Today was the start of the 8 week training program to run continuously for 30 minutes. I’m currently using the Beginner Runner program here so fingers crossed come 25th April I’ll be able to run for 30 minutes, then run for the 5k and thereafter the 10k, then after that the Half Marathon…

So on to this morning – bloody hell it was cold, so first off was find my clothing – yeah I know, I should have been organised and got them all out last night, but I’m not organised – so that didn’t happen..
I knew where my Tracksuit bottoms, top and trainers were, but I couldn’t blinkin find my lightweight jacket… however, I found another one which suited – mental note – ask Cheryl tonight where other said Jacket is – next up, Ipod/Iphone, need a workout app – found one and suitably installed – shit – I’ve only got 33% battery left, hmm, how long will that last…. found my hat, put my gloves on (it was cold) then organised the ipod – well – after taking gloves off again – random tunes this morning…
Then I started the timer.
So I set off for the 5 min walk to the part (nice wee warm up and leg stretcher) I then ran for 1 minute, U2 – Vertigo – apt song..!
walked again for 6 minutes (past a barking dog) (7.20am) then ran again for 1 minute, then walked again for 6, it’s not a lot, but it is when you haven’t ran for peanuts for years!
doing my final loop of the park, then onto the final wee run of the day, then I planned to take a wee photo of the sun rising on the cold frosty morning… but no… iPhone ran out on me – damned thing!
so no tunes for the walk/run home…
All in all – first morning – not too bad, not too sweaty – a good introduction…
Now for a shower..


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  1. Fi says:

    Good on ya!! Proud of you… going out AND writing a blog! I look forward to the updates… How did you feel after? Actually, it’s going to be Tuesday morning that it’s going to hit you! :o)

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