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21 February 2011

Well, I’m on my holidays just now, not away anywhere, just chillaxing and spending some quality time away from my computer… yeah, yeah, I know, I’m blogging right now… but it’s been during the day when I’ve been oot and about…

So, I know that 2011 is gonna be crappy for everyone financially, so I’m kinda stuck in between a rock and a hard place, do a big Carboot sale, or fire everything on Ebay and Amazon and get pounded by their selling fees.. or I could just play and play the lottery.. I know that doesn’t overly work – our Syndicate at (my old) work places £80 worth of tickets a month on the Lotto, and guess how much we’ve won since 1st November 2010 – £20… yup – a whole measly £20, awesome. (it would have only been £10 had we not won on Wednesday past.).
PS – if you really want to play the Lotto – play through here – then I can get a measly £4 for you signing up…!

I read a headline earlier today – “How to win the Lotto twice” – fuck – win it once would be a start, and by winning once I don’t mean winning a tenner!!!
And now I can’t find the news page where it was.. arggg..

That was my annoying things for today.. I’m off to watch a movie..

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  1. Fi says:

    Well, what can I say other than the contents of my (oops – *our*) attic need a new home! (See msn). Rant on, friend, it’s a great way to express yer feelings and you don’t blog often enough. (That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!)

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