23-08-2011 bike ride

Carmen, School and MTBs

23 August 2011

Yeah Yeah, It’s been ages since I posted on my blog….

However – time is right to start again.
What happened to the running… Well, I’m going to blame a cold, runny nose, summer cold, then a sore back and then a can’t be arsed attitude set in.
So there you go – running binned.

Carmen going to School

Carmen going to School - First Day

I said at the start of the Summer that I may well go back to my roots and get a MTB again… and it wasn’t until I mentioned it a month or so later to a certain “Lesley” that I decided to F**k it and actually get one… – in her words – “JUST GO AND GET ONE!!!”
So – after a few sales on ebay, I had enough money to go and get one…

Of course the Summer brought with it all manner of things – the biggest of all – the end of the Summer – Carmen goes to School..
and last week – yup – she started School – {scary icon here}
{oops – just looked at the clock – better go and get said child from School… and get dinner, and post etc etc etc}

1 hour later, we’re home, had last nights leftovers for lunch, collected a Steak Pie from George the local butcher who was ever so impressed with Carmen and her uniform!

Anyways, dropped Carmen off at School this morning – 8.55am – just made it – after miscalculating how slow Carmen would walk…
She lined up great, however there was a few screaming little ‘uns, bless….
(boys too – man up)!!!
Once again – there was no wave back – she just got on with it – well done gal. :o)

23-08-2011 bike ride

23-08-2011 bike ride

I came back and decided to go out on the MTB, so planned my route, replied to a few emails, generally faffed around until 10.30am, then decided to go..
Tracksuit bottoms on, trainers on, MTB jacket on, gloves on too…
mental note to self – get a water bottle holder (preferably one that fits a Contigo Travel Bottle)

Off I trot, down along the riverside pathway, past the damn/waterfall (this is normally as far as we go when it’s a family outing) I then continued on into Newmilns, then the ascent started… holy crap, I was soooo unfit… I was nearly half way around but decided to keep going – even though I’d never been that way, and didn’t have a clue how far it was back – and how many more climbs there were…. 1st gear is oh so good, but bloody hell oh so hard!! Not sure what the climb was overall, but I could clearly see Carmen’s school down in the village!
Then I got a break, downhill section through the forest no less – absolutely awesome – I so need to visit the Forest of Ae or somewhere that has MTB trails….!
It was then down onto the pathway again, and down to the entrance to the Lanfine Estate – there was a gate for pedestrians (that can JUST fit through (as it won’t open fully) so I had to lift my bike over the side fence! pfft!

After that is was just a wee cycle along the main road home..
shower and I’d love to say bed, but it was off out again to get Carmen (when I started the blog)

I’m now off to watch Thundercats with Carmen…
I may even try for a nap!

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  1. Fi says:

    hahaha – brilliant – is that a ‘damn waterfall’ or a dam / waterfall? Glad that you are having fun on the MTB… it’s about time that you got your ass back on one….. Good on Lesley for being the ‘motivator’. As for the butcher’s comment, superb. Go you…. two weeks holiday, after a week of being out on the bike, the hills will become pi$$ easy. Not that I would know what that looks / feels like, however, I can dream. 🙂

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