Queue Jumping Madness

7 February 2012

I’ve just read this on PaddyPower’s website, thought it was brilliant!!

We’re Lovin It’
Like many others, we abhor people that skip the queue. For that brief moment we wish all sorts of evil on that person and call him/her every offensive name we can think of. However, dear rude folk, it’s probably unwise to skip the queue at a McDonald’s drive-through. A North Carolina woman who drove directly to the pick-up window and tried to order her meal became involved in a standoff with staff. Twenty minutes later Evangeline Lucca was shot with a stun gun which we can all agree she deserved.

All joking aside, I totally agree with it! Karma hits you biatch!

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  1. Fi says:

    hahahahaha….. aye, deserved that one!

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