Marriot Residence Inn Edinburgh

4 March 2012

Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican

I spent my Uni years in Edinburgh, and totally loved it, miss it heaps…

Things change, that I know, but bloody hell – there’s masses of change in Edinburgh.

It was one of these weekends when we were asked by a friend to go to the Playhouse and see a comedian – Sarah Millican, and boy, she didn’t disappoint, very funny. See You Next Tuesday.
As it was a late ‘ask’ we were undecided as to where to stay etc, so we’d had a look around, and couldn’t really see much, Premier Inn, Travelodge, all (no offence) shitty cheapo hotels with nothing much going for them, Rose Street on a Saturday night? £84.99 – I thinks not. So I left it to Cheryl to find somewhere, and she didn’t disappoint either! – The Marriot – Residence Inn, on Simpson Load just off the meadows, in an area now known as either – the ‘Old Hospital’ area, or ‘The Quartermile’ (affectionately named as it’s a quarter mile from the centre of town).

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The hotel itself has parking (£12 a day for residents), there’s 4 ‘pay and display’ parking spots out front, along with some double yellows, unbelieveably we managed to get one of the pay and display spots, and considering it was late afternoon, we loaded up until 6.30pm, and thankfully Sundays are freebie parking!! woohoo! (we were lucky though). We got checked in around 3pm, up on the 5th floor, and it was floor to roof windows.. I’m not afraid of heights, honest.. however – when we went in the room, 2 of the windows were open, I had a peek out, got the heebie jeebies then that was me – close the fuckers!

Hotel room – just a double room for the night – a bargain at £85 (considering travelodge was the same)
It had it’s own kitchen!! Microwave oven, a fridge that’s probably better than our own, a flatscreen TV, and a bloody funky – iHome docking station and alarm clock for your iphone, I have to say – I WANT ONE!!!! The room also had an expensive office chair, a funky showerroom, and a really odd toilet, if I was sitting on it – my feet were not touching the floor – that’s just odd – and makes for taking a number 2, erm, odd!

All in all – very good value for very good quality.

Had a great weekend/night!

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