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29 May 2009

Craig | Dearden News Snippets

Craig | Dearden News Snippets

What’s worse, being Politically Correct, or just being Plain Stupid.  Well, what’s my aim with this post I hear you say… It’s basically to throw you some news, in a more functional and “funny” way…

So let’s see, where to start, browsing through the news pages of the BBc website we see that Phil Spector has been jailed for at LEAST 19 years, he’s 69 now, he’ll be 88 when he gets out.  Personally, he ain’t gonna make it 19 years.  What’s even funnier for me is the fact that it’s listed in BBc’s Entertainment section, seriously – it’s not entertainment, he killed someone ffs. Phil Spector on BBc News

elsewhere… Slumdog child stars to get new homes from the Indian government and Director Danny Boyle – They must have paid them well then, nothing like cashing in on foreign labour, they had to live with relatives…. nice one Danny. (hope you made a rupee or two)(I’m sure you did/will). Slumdog Millionaire on BBc News

The Britains Got Talent final line up is complete #BGT (as the hashtag on twitter is affectionately known), do I care? NO. It’s nice as well to see the 180° u-turn on Susan Boyle as well, she’s now in safe keeping in a Safe House, that’s gonna settle her nerves…. get in there!!!  British Media – don’t you just love it.

Scottish news: HP ‘agrees to help’ job axe staff – fantastic….. you are not sacking them anymore… oh wait… you are still sacking them… nice… HP #fail..! (sorry twitter speak creeping in again)!

Party aims to ‘clean up’ politics – I thought we were all getting invited to a knees up! (alas no – it’s the same old same old)

US President Barack Obama has announced plans for securing American computer networks against cyber attacks. He said that from now on, America’s digital infrastructure would be treated as a strategic national asset.He announced the creation of a cyber security office in the White House, and said he would personally appoint a “cyber tsar”. – Craig Dearden…. no honestly – they phoned me last night on my secure line… which MI5 have tapped, bugged etc… and I’ve now been arrested…

Murray breaks new ground in Paris – it was Clay – surely he couldn’t break ground?? ah, I get it…. you meant he breaks wind in Paris

Tassel hassle – NOW THAT LOOKS an interesting link!!! lol – eek – just looked – it’s about strip joints… Burlesque…. that’s a bit risque!

Seven million ‘use illegal files’ – really? that low? – surely there’s even more now with the high profile Pirate Bay case, oh shit, don’t get me started on that!!

I think that should do for my first effort, it’s been a fun attempt…
More later tomorrow I think, I’m enjoying this!

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  1. Craig says:

    Just realised I didn’t add any images there – I guess I’ll do that tomorrow!

  2. madfi says:

    Brilliant! If that is how I keep up with world news from now on, excellent! Nothing like throwing a curve ball on world news!

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