Turn your PC on from your bed

7 April 2013

Now this I cool, for absolutely ages I’ve been looking for a remote control or such like to remotely start my pc – I thought it would need something like a car key fob etc

I browsed and browsed but nothing seemed to jump out….

Until the other night I was doing some custom PC work – checking PC specs and hardware over clocking – that I decided to ask fellow geeks on a forum… So after a few peeps had suggesting soldering this and that, one geek turned round and said – “why don’t you just use WOL ”
WOL?? I ask
“Yeah WOL – just setup your BIOS to wake on LAN – then there’s an app to Fi from your phone”

Fucking Cool or what???!!!!!

And guess what – after a wee fiddle around – it works a ruddy treat

Thank you geeks!


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