Balvenie Tun 1401 Whisky – Batch 8

28 June 2013

This is our second delivery of this, from a less direct supplier, hence the price change.

The spirit was left to rest for several months to allow the constituent parts to come together to create an exceptionally complex single malt.
David said:
It's an enjoyable and rewarding experience to select the casks for marrying together in Tun 1401. Determining which ones will work together takes time and which is important to do justice to them.

Official Tasting Notes:
Nose – Floral and fruity, with hints of toasted spices, brown sugar & ripe vanilla balance oak tannins.
Taste – Rich and fruity a warming cinnamon and ginger with maple syrup, sweet vanilla and tangy citrus notes.
Finish – Citrus, vanilla and a gentle oakiness are evident on the finish.

Citrus fruits, vanilla & honey are the characteristics of Tun Batch 8, the latest Balvenie release from David Stewart.
A unique and unrepeatable single malt married from 12 casks of the distillery's precious stocks of aged spirit.
David selected nine traditional American oak barrels and three European oak sherry casks, from among the rarest treasures found in the distillery's Warehouse 24.
The contents were transferred by hand into Tun 1401, an impressive traditional oak marrying vessel, cared for by our coopers

From Balvenie Distillery.


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