Too many unknowns

27 April 2013

It’s not long now, until Scotland votes on whether to go it alone.
Currency, Health, Pensions, Workplace rights, Oil, Taxes, what’s going to happen to all these if Independence is voted yes.

Short answer – nobody knows.

I find it incredible that people will vote yes when we don’t know what’s coming… what the ‘Scottish’ government will hit us with..

Armed forces, defence, are all the current staff in the armed forces gonna be given a choice which country to fight for? No, doubt it.

I’m all for change, but holy mackaroon, think about it.. we don’t know the results, it’s not as if we can take it for a test drive for a weekend… aye – that works, it’ll be fine..!

Let’s be mature, let’s be realistic, we are in a global economic turmoil – NOT JUST THE UK, it’s the world, let’s not blame the ‘UK’ government, none of this has been their fault – it’s been WORLDWIDE, don’t knee jerk react to that… Labour, Conservatives, SNP, Lib Dems, WHOEVER was in government at the time would be getting the blame now… but it shouldn’t be… IT’S WORLDWIDE..
Let’s not.
It’s not worth it.
And I don’t want to change the currency that I get paid with.


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