Too many Do-Gooders

27 April 2013

So there’s a big ‘hoo-ha’ about Drones used in the UK for the first time. Seriously – what is it with the do-gooders? It’s our defence, I agree, it’s a hindrance if I’m an innocent, but if you’ve nowt to hide, then what’s the issue?!

It’s probably cheaper than a manned mission to spy on you!
It’s saving on your tax bills.
It could be up there checking on dodgy fucking twats like the Boston Bombers who ‘just as it happens’ were on a ‘potential’ terrorist list, but didn’t warrant investigation… look how that turned out! (and they were looking to attach New York)!
A nice wee drone following them ‘before they do anything’ will have the do-gooders working overtime, but again, back to my issue – if you’re not doing anything dodgy – why bloody moan?!

Personally – bring on the drones!

Either way, if we do or don’t – terrorists will eventually use these to devastating effect.


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