Too easy to make an oopsy

11 May 2013

As a few of you may or may not know, I do a lot of purchasing at Auctions for whisky.. but sometimes it can go wrong – especially when you do it online..

And press the bid button buy accident… it’s not as if you can shout to the auctioneer – no – sorry – didn’t meant to raise my arm…

Well today I double clicked by accident…
How to explain it… arghhh..

What do you mean you spent £1600 on a SINGLE bottle?!!!

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  1. You are a little shite.
    Considering the last hour I have had, that was a sneaky DIRTY ROTTEN trick to play!

    Consider yourself *whack*ed.

    *sticks tongue out*

  2. […] just at that, I get a text from Craig, telling me to read his latest, brief blog. Oh ha bloody ha Craig. Your timing was well and truly crap. That prank went down like a lead […]

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