Mortlach 1957 Private Collection – 43.5%

24 January 2014

An extremely rare Mortlach at 50 Years Old, one of only 514 bottles available. Distilled 1957 (28th January 1957) and bottled May 2007 from cask number 585 and 586 Matured in first fill Sherry Butts Distilled at Mortlach Distillery and bottled in the P…

Mortlach 21 Year Old – G&M – 43%

29 December 2013

A lovely bottling of Mortlach 21 Year Old, bottled under G&M’s Distillery Labels range.
This range allows Gordon & MacPhail to label the bottle with their original label design from long ago.

Mortlach was one of the rare distilleries that was given permission to remain in production during most of World War II. Gordon and MacPhail have some super stocks of ‘war years’ Mortlach.

This Mortlach is aged for 21 Years in Refill Sherry Casks, it has a finish which is long and sweet.

An after Dinner dram.

Distilled at Mortlach Distillery and bottled by Gordon and MacPhail

Mortlach 1991 21 Year Old Signatory Cask #7708

24 December 2013

One of only 591 bottles – a Sherry monster! This Mortlach is a bottling for the Cask Strength Collection by Signatory Vintage Distilled 1st October 1981 – 01.10.1991 Bottled 14th May 2013 – 14.05.2013 Cask No 7708 One of only 591 Bottles available worl…

Mortlach Dimensions 1995 18 Year Old Whisky – 55.4%

12 September 2013

One of only 267 bottles, this is a new Mortlach in Duncan Taylor’s ‘Dimensions’ Cask Strength range of whisky.

Tasting notes
Spiced oak with heather and leather notes.
Thick and chewy with time
Sweet lime and basil notes develop

Distilled July 1995
Bottled July 2013

Cask number 4097 (Oak Casks) and aged for 18 Years.

Distilled at Mortlach Distillery, and bottled by Duncan Taylor.

Mortlach Dimensions 1998 14 Year Old Whisky

25 April 2013

From the new Dimensions range by Duncan Taylor. Distilled May 1998 and bottled August 2012. Aged for 14 Years in Oak Casks. Distilled at Mortlach Distillery – From Duncan Taylor

Mortlach 1976 Vintage Whisky

25 April 2013

A rare Mortlach from the world’s leading Malt Whisky Specialist Gordon & MacPhail.
Distilled 1976 and Bottled 2012.

Fresh with ripe Pear aromas.

A Speyside Single Malt Whisky

Proprietors: George Cowie and Son Ltd.
Matured and Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail.