Snow on Cars…

11 January 2010

Snow on Roof

Car - in the Snow

Right folks, if there is one thing you should do this winter when you are driving about – CLEAR THE DARNED SNOW OFF THE ROOF OF YOUR CAR.

It’s annoyed me for absolutely ages, however, after reading about someone in the US being hit and nearly decapitated by a slab of snow/ice from the car infront, it’s prompted me to blog this. I know you’ve all seen it, the car in front driving round a corner and a big wad of snow just slides on off… Now put your child on the corner of the pavement, and a car comes round the corner with a driver who couldn’t be bothered to wipe the snow off the roof, and whooosh – wallop – comes off straight onto your child… you ain’t gonna be happy are you? NO…

Don’t DO IT!
Clear the snow off the Roof of your car.

However, don’t clear it off with an umbrella, unlike the Mrs did with mine, and kinda scratched the windscreen… (thankfully she noticed before starting on the roof) Use a brush, or just bite the dust and wipe it off with your hands… Or better still – if you have a GARAGE – USE IT!!!

Rant over… 😉

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  1. Madfi says:

    Nothing like a quality rant…. Like the picture! As for your other half scraping the windscreen with the umbrella – eek!

    Put car in garage? I would if there wasn’t 4 bikes in it… and erm, if I could actually drive the darned car up the driveway 😉

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