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4 September 2011

Well decisions decisions decisions – to read or not to read – the alternative is to play drop7 or indeed play Words with Friends – it’s o e of those annoying decisions –

The book is “GAME OF THRONES” the book on which the fantastic TV series is based – however – what is really annoying – I know whats going to happen!!! I knew I should have read the books first (I probably would have – had I known they had been written!)

Drop7 is a really addictive little game – ONCE you realise (and work out) how to play it – I taught Fi it too – it’s addictive.

WWF as it is affectionately known is Words with Friends – much like scrabble – and absolutely better in every way – I have the ad free version on my phone – it is also available to play on Facebook – but there is no way to remove the ads – so it’s pish!!! iPhone version wins all the time!!!!

So – the blog seemed to have taken over my bedtime reading/playing – but I may fit a wee WWF and a Drop7 in before sleepy .

After all – i AM back to work tomorrow!!!




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  1. Fi says:

    I don’t think ‘addictive’ is a good enough description. What word would mean ‘more than addictive’.

    It was bad enough being taught WWF, then you had to bloody go and teach me Drop7!!!

    You have a lot to answer to Mr Dearden!

    I did however have a good snigger when I saw your wwf tiles up there!! Brilliant, yet spooky!

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